Brow Rescue


In the last few years, we’ve become increasingly alarmed by the number of clients coming in for consultations needing revision work. More often than not this is due to an unsatisfactory microblading procedure. If you’ve undergone a semi-permanent makeup procedure before, but ended up with results you’re unhappy with, don’t worry, we can help you fix bad work using a number of methods. In some cases, we can colour correct, lighten or improve on your original treatment. However, we have found that most lower grade work will require removal, either by a special removal solution or by laser, or a combination of both, and only then the makeup can be re-applied. 

Face Factor is proud to be the first salon in Wales to offer a dedicated and holistic Brow Rescue service. As such, we have extensive experience of correcting bad semi-permanent makeup and you can see some of our correction work here.

Face Factor

Step 1. The consultation. During your free consultation with experienced, award-winning, semi-permanent makeup artist, Ros, your expectations will be discussed in detail.

Ros will assess you and map out the options available to you based on your individual situation. In some cases, she will be able to revise existing work with clever colour correction. If this is not possible, the only option will be to look at forms of removal. This will either be done with a special removal solution or by laser. When most or all of the existing pigment has been eliminated from the skin, she will work on the area again achieving the natural result you originally wanted.

There is no obligation to go through with the treatment following a consultation and we will never rush you into anything you are not 100% comfortable or happy with.  However, if you want to go ahead with this treatment, we do ask our clients to mentally and financially commit to a minimum course of 3 treatments. Whilst this is not promising the pigment will be eliminated in that time, we will know by this stage how easily it can be moved and we can discuss how to proceed from there.

Step 2. The treatment. Our semi-permanent makeup rescue treatment is done in two phases.

The first phase is the removal of the existing pigment. Treatment time varies depending on the method of removal.  Removal with a special removal solution takes a minimum of 3 sessions, 8 weeks apart and treatment times average up to an hour for this method.  We use a topical anaesthetic prior the treatment being carried out and during the treatment, to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure.

Laser removal averages between 4-12 sessions and we like to space these sessions 6-8 weeks apart with each treatment lasting approximately 5-15 minutes.

We would always recommend starting with the solution removal first and have outlined the reason for this below.

For phase two, re-application, the treatment time can be up to 2 hours and be done in one session. This includes the initial phase where the makeup is drawn on for you to agree the shape and colouring before commencing with the treatment. Time is dedicated to deciding on the shape and colour of your semi-permanent makeup to ensure an outcome you are happy with. We also apply a high-grade topical anaesthetic prior to the treatment being carried out, as our client’s comfort is very important to us.

Step 4. Aftercare. At the end of either the removal or the re-application, we will explain how to look after the treated area and you will take home aftercare instructions.


We use a gentle, yet concentrated, saline-based tattoo removal solution. When it’s implanted into skin, the area dries out and if the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skin’s natural healing process. This process is called osmosis.


At Face Factor, we use the Q-switched Nd:YAG, as it is one of the most frequently used lasers for all sorts of tattoo removal. The laser works by firing a very short pulse of energy over the treatment area. This rapid pulse causes fragmentation of the ink particles within the skin, making them small enough for the body’s immune system to carry away.

The easiest colours to remove are black and red with the remaining colours being slightly more difficult, although we can fade them with more treatments. On average, it can take between 4 – 12 treatments, however, this does vary due to different inks, tattoo application, age of tattoo etc.We do have an industry-approved system in place to calculate how many removal sessions you will need and we will take you through this during the consultation.


We would always recommend starting with a course of treatments using the special removal solution – before commencing with the laser. This is for two reasons. Firstly, because we have found the solution method to be very effective at removing the pigment. However, if it does not fully eliminate all the pigment and subsequent laser treatments are needed, then the pigment is already at very surface of the skin making it much easier for the laser to treat that area. Secondly, if we can limit the number of times the laser is used, we can minimise the risk of scarring.

If the client has already had unsuccessful removal solution treatments at another salon, we will likely proceed straight to the laser method. However, this will be assessed during the consultation.


Depending on what course of treatment is prescribed for you, depends on the time the whole process will take. However, here is a rough guide:

  • Semi-permanent makeup colour correction normally takes 2-4 sessions spread 4 weeks apart

  • Removal with a special removal solution takes a minimum of 3 sessions, 8 weeks apart.

  • Laser removal treatments average between 4-12 sessions and we like to space these sessions 6-8 weeks apart.

  • Once enough pigment has been removed, the re-application of the semi-permanent makeup can begin and is usually completed in one session lasting about 2 hours.


Every effort is made to ensure we make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment and depending on what method is used for removal, we use a number of techniques to achieve this. For colour corrections and the re-application, we apply a high-grade topical anesthetic prior to the treatment being carried out.


This will be down to each individual’s situation. Therefore, assessment and prices will be given during the consultation. Removal prices start from GBP 50. For colour correction and re-application you can check prices for eyebrows and lips on our price list. Please note, we currently do not offer correction work for eyeliner.