Make the most of your eyes, and make them your best feature! People struggle to apply and maintain their eyeliner for varying reasons. They may wear glasses and struggle to aim their pencil in the right place or it may smudge soon after application. Semi-permanent makeup is the perfect solution for people with busy, active or athletic lifestyles, or those who suffer from alopecia or have sparse or light coloured eyelashes.

For defined eyes, pigment is placed along the lash line to make lashes appear thicker and fuller. This is called eyelash enhancement. The outcome is a beautiful but natural look that will emphasise the shape and colour of your eyes. The effect is so natural looking that it is suitable for men too.

There are many different colours to choose from, ranging from blackest of black, to more subtle shades of olive green, blue, grey, brown and even violet colours. Your experienced make-up artist will talk through the best colour options for your skin tone and features and discuss treatment with you.

If you wear your daily makeup slightly heavier, you can enhance your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner. A more dramatic look can also be created with a Latino flick effect.